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We offer unlimited help and advice included in our packages so that you can be sure that you always have the support that you need to run your business effectively. We’ve made it simple to get a quote on any of online accounting services, simply click on the button below to open our instant quotation form.

Our ensure data protection offices

Our qualified and trained accountants with UK accounting experience of more than 8 years will make your life easy. It takes more than software to get your accounts done.

  • CCTV cameras to monitor all our work floors
  • 24/7 security personnel at our office building
  • Biometric finger print reader access prevents entry of un-authorized personnel into offices
  • A detailed disaster recovery plans
  • Your data is backed up on secure servers in the USA

Report Of Accounts

You are not dealing with an unknown foreign company. You can be rest assured that your data is 100% safe with us.

  • Final accounts and management reports
  • Year end accounts preparation
  • Cash flow statements preparation
  • Balance sheet preparation
  • Profit and loss statements

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Please contact us for further information about Pickoneservices Financial Reporting Services and Pricing details.

Apart from implementing all the security procedures, we are also bound to the confidentiality regulations as we are a UK limited company.

Systems and networks
  • All our computers are secured by multiple levels of password protection
  • Our data servers are highly secure and resides at USA data centres
  • Secure online data transfer system is similar to that of used by banks and credit card companies
  • Data transfer system uses 128-bit encryption technology
  • All computers are monitored using activity monitoring software
  • USB storage devices and DVD/CD drives are disabled on our computers

Data protection responsibilities staff
  • Trained on data protection principles
  • NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) with every staff member
  • Independent security screening before commencing employment

You want your outsourcing partner to be aware of their data protection responsibilities as you do. We understand this and that’s why we take every possible measure to assure your peace of mind. We have taken very detailed and elaborate measures to ensure your 100% peace of mind.

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